From the Russian ‘чага’, Chaga is a member of the Hymenochaetaceae family of fungi. This polypore mushroom grows on birch trees, with the finest species appearing only in a few pristine environments. These are harvested only after 20 years of growth, having been subjected to the extreme conditions of Siberia, where temperatures can reach below -40°C. Chaga’s qualities for anti-aging, improved immunity, and vigor are documented in hundreds of notable scientific journals internationally. Chaga has been used for generations as a food supplement with substantial positive effects.


Certain wildcrafted mushrooms have been highly valued for centuries for their nutritional benefits to maintain life balance, energy, health, and vitality. Most prominent among these is Siberian Chaga, known in Russian folklore as “The King of Plants” and in ancient Japanese medicine as “The Diamond of The Forest”. A few drops of this premium Wildcrafted Siberian Chaga Extract™ contain greater antioxidant capacity than many highly sought-after medicinal mushrooms, including Japanese Reishi and Chinese Lingzhi.